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Panasonic Overview

Panasonic are the one of the best loved brands out there and telephone systems are no different. They are without doubt the best system to any business in the UK wanting to not just depend hosted Telephony. This proposition is a must see before looking at any other system. As a small business we are keen to increase our sales for this proposition so we are offering 10% off your wholesale telephony and system for the first year if you sign up in 2017 !!!! OH YES 10% OFF Everything including your new Panasonic Phone System

This unique offering is available with a huge 10% off everything in your first year. Contact us today and start saving 03337 777 266

  • Broadband - £15
  • Hosted including call recording - £7
  • Mobile - Unlimited Calls & Texts and 3GB of Data - £15

Call us today for more information 03337 777 266